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#603 7 Rubber Ducky Greeting Card (Baby, Boy, Girl, Happy, Spring, Bright, Cheery, Sunny, All Occasion)
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#603 7

Rubber Ducky

All occasion boy or girl

Photo Greeting Card



© Photograph by RLM


4x6 Photo on 5x7 Card Stock

Blank Inside with Matching Envelope

Includes clear plastic protector bag

All Occasion Greeting Card

Handmade Greeting Card

Very Unique

Please note items may come with different color trim or edging

Although items usually arrive much faster…

Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery

Thanks so much for your business!!


ABOUT Robin's © Photographs


New England born Artist Robin Lee McCarthy is a much admired and collected Professional Photographer.  Her works are filled with subject matter such as birds, animals, and nature.  Robin loves photography and her passion shows strongly in her work.

Whether walking, biking, canoeing, or hiking her golden retriever Maggie and camera are her constant companions, as she captures the world in its purest form.  From an early age she was a natural with the camera and is a self-taught New England Photographer who broaches any and all subject matter with intense enthusiasm.  Robin never alters or uses special effects in her work.  She is a Purist, and the honest quality that comes through in her style sets her apart.

Robin Lee McCarthy Photography has been in business since 2000.  Well-known writers, artists, actors, and other professionals collect this photographer’s stunning work.  Robin has work, including her much loved Photographic Greeting Cards, available in over 120 retail locations throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, as well as in 4 on line stores. 






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7 to 14 days

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All Rights Reserved © 2009 Robin Lee McCarthy
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