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Actual Photograph HEART AT THE BEACH Pendant may be used on a necklace key chain OR key ring by Robin Lee McCarthy Photography
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100% Guarantee

Original photograph






May be used as a pendant on a necklace or place on a key chain or key ring

-  Pendant ONLY  -

When requested one may choose a key chain or necklace to go with this beautiful pendant.  Please specify preference at time of payment

This is from my personal line of photography, which I am often told is famous  :-) and remember I have over 10,000+ photos to choose from!  Start collecting these beautiful creations now!

This is a handmade pendant like a snowflake each is just a little tiny bit different!  Each pendant has its own identity.

Very Unique!

Thanks so much for Looking at this item!

Although items usually arrive much faster…

Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery

Thanks so much for your business!!


Our Price:  $35.00  


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